Season 2 | Episode 1 - Marketing beyond stereotypes | HT Brand Leadership Series

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Season 2 | Episode 1

Season 2 | Episode 1 – Marketing beyond stereotypes

  • HT Brand Studio
  • August 13, 2019

Did you know that 98% of consumers targeted for baby and household products are female?

The figures—revealed by research firm Kantar—pinpoint how brands fall into the trap of marketing stereotypes.

And, it’s not just about generalizations based on gender—consumers also feel that advertisers or filmmakers often resort to age-based and generation-based clichés. While millennials are depicted as narcissistic or lazy, older people are portrayed as conservative or less tech-savvy.

How, then, do we fight such old-age notions? Can brands or advertisers lead by example?

Tune in Episode 1, Season 2 of #HTBrandStudioLive to know more. It is a series that brings together some of the country’s top CXOs to share their insights into new themes in marketing and branding today.

The event is anchored by Rameet Arora, COO & Head of Digital Brands, HT Digital Streams.

Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari (Writer and Director), Rana Barua (Havas Group India), Malini Agarwal (MissMalini Entertainment), Amisha Jain (Zivame), Anshuman Goenka (Bacardi India) and Sharad Gupta (Escorts India) are the six leaders who appear in this edition.

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