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Season 2 Episode 16

Brand Continuity

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SEASON 2 | EPISODE 15: Building new India
16 March

Season 2 | Episode 14

Building new India

Season 2 | Episode 16

Brand Continuity Planning

HT Brand Studio Live: Season 2 | Episode 16 – Brand continuity planning

In the face of a pandemic, most businesses reduce marketing spends. Research, however, reveals that companies that stay top of mind with customers are the ones that emerge stronger after the downturn. The logic is simple—consumers want to know what a brand is doing to stand by them, and reduce the impact of the disaster on their lives.

Therefore, brands that stay relevant to customers and help them navigate the challenges are the real winners. All this calls for an overhaul of marketing strategies and more responsible communication. Brand continuity planning, which is a critical component of business continuity planning, is what most companies should look at now.

To know more, tune in to Episode 16 of #HTBrandStudioLive, Season 2. It is a series that brings together some of the country’s top CXOs to share their insights into new themes in marketing and branding today.

The event is anchored by Rameet Arora, COO & Head of Digital Brands, HT Digital Streams.

Featuring in this virtual roundtable are Karthi Marshan (Kotak Mahindra Group), Manish Dureja (InterMiles), Tarun Katial (ZEE5 India), Pawan Sarda (Future Group) and Aparna Mahesh (BankBazaar).

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