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Season 2 Episode 13

Brand storytelling in the age of AI

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SEASON 2 | EPISODE 12: Webcast on
28 January

Season 2 | Episode 12

Leveraging content to win the market- Part 2

Season 2 | Episode 13

Brand storytelling in the age of AI

Ask any marketer today what their biggest challenge is and the answer would be: customers no longer want to be exposed to content that is irrelevant to them. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the problem is already solved!

Indeed, AI has allowed brands to personalize their communication in ways unimaginable in the past. It has helped recognize who a brand’s audience is and the kind of content that they like to consume. AI has enabled brands to create and recreate content in real time. Marketers who have adopted AI are already seeing results—they have been able to better optimize their media spends and measure ROI. A recent study reveals that for 61% of marketers, AI is the most important aspect of their data strategy.

Find out more in Episode 13 of #HTBrandStudioLive, Season 2. It is a series that brings together some of the country’s top CXOs to share their insights into new themes in marketing and branding today.

The event is anchored by Rameet Arora, COO & Head of Digital Brands, HT Digital Streams.

Featuring in this edition are Hareesh Tibrewala (Mirum), Sukhpreet Singh (DishTV & Watcho), Krishnan Chatterjee (SAP), Sunder Madakshira (Adobe) and Manish Sinha (STL).

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